Our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy, which encompasses not only environmental but also social and ethical issues, should enable our firm to prepare for the ongoing ecological and social upheavals.


The ecological concerns relating notably to the limited nature of our planet’s resources, the fragility of natural balances, the destructive capacities of human activities and the necessary demographic control of human populations, require us to act responsibly and to promote all measures aimed at minimizing the environmental footprint of our own professional activities.
We try to build these ecological imperatives into our daily practice within the firm, both in the way we approach the issues we deal with and in our work habits.

> Precursors in the matter of environmental issues in the real estate sector, we have actively intervened for associations such as the Royal Institution Chartered Surveyors (RICS) during the implementation of the «Green Lease», to incorporate environmental clauses and contractual commitments related to the environment into commercial leases. We are also heavily involved in environmental protection issues pro bono and are pleased to support a number of associations that are important to us through their various commitments (Innocence in Danger, Cardiac Surgery Sponsorship, Play International…)

> We are also changing our work habits to integrate environmental protection (more refined sorting policy, use of recycled or biodegradable products, control of our electricity consumption, refusal to use destructive technologies, etc.).
These objectives are integrated into our firm’s founding values: Quality, Vitality, Curiosity, Integrity and Solidarity, values which we share with our employees, customers and partners.
We have enshrined in an internal cabinet charter our adherence to the principles of the CSR just described. This charter fully encourages the commitment of our employees and is consistent with our ISO 9001 certification and our firm’s quality policy.
Our CSR approach is to:

> Systematically reflect on the ecological impact of our decisions;
> Encourage environmentally friendly practices;
> Improve information for employees on environmental matters;
> Promote a responsible purchasing policy;
> Focus our donation and support policy on projects that are compatible with the above ecological issues.