Areas of intervention

Real estate investment

We assist private, as well as corporate real estate developers.

Structuring of property operations

  • Creation of funds, tax and legal optimization for property investors (open or close investment funds for non-residents, SIIC regime, OPCI regime, SCPI, set up of management companies and obtainment of their accreditation from the market authorities “AMF”, drafting of the various agreements to be entered into between parties in the investment process) ;
  • Investments structuring for residents and non-residents (optimization of acquisition taxation – registration duties VAT, 3% tax, withholding taxes on current income as well as liquidation proceeds, taxation of property investors on their investment / disinvestment, determination of the appropriate level of equity / financial indebtedness ratio);
  • Creation and implementation of optimized remuneration schemes for managers ;
  • Determination of the most appropriate choice between asset deal or share deal ;

Property and tax structuring for non-resident families investing in French real


Acquisition of property or real-estate portfolios

  • Assistance in deed acquisition, writing and negotiation during all the stages of the transaction;
  • Performing of property acquisition audits directly (asset deal) or through a company (share deal): verification of the property’s origins, mortgage registration, , co-ownership (in the case of a share deal), urban planning and construction, sanitary and environmental conditions, classified facilities, pollution, rental situation, real-estate and rental management contracts, taxation of prior acquisitions, taxation of acquisitions being considered, taxation on lease agreements in progress, impact of potential restructuring on the building property.


Assistance in managing real estate property investments

  • Writing, negotiation, renegotiation of commercial leases, their amendments and their renewal
  • Environmental repercussions on the rental location
  • Writing and negotiation of rental management and real-estate management contracts
  • Assistance in optimizing the tax management of the building
  • Assistance with the controlling of rental charges and recovery