Areas of intervention


Our department consists of a multi-disciplinary team of experienced lawyers, and professors with an experienced background in bank regulation, Tax, Finance, Capital Markets, Corporate, Real Estate and Litigation.
We have a perfect knowledge of the local-market experience.
Our expert knowledge of the domain and its issues allows our team to provide results and commercial advice to banks on intricate transactions and complex business issues.
Our French independence allows us to maintain perfect confidentiality of the banking institutions’ operations. Indeed, the fact that we have an office centrally located in Paris allows for us to avoid the international conflict check and information leaks from a foreign office or competing region.
Our clients greatly appreciate our responsiveness and availability.
Our clients appreciate the high value added by our highly-qualified team.

Bank regulation

We often assist financial institutions regarding the regulatory terrain. We have advised banks regarding their business development, for instance setting up a branch or subsidiary in France.
Our international network of lawyers specializing in regulatory and capital markets provides commercially-focused expertise in navigating Basel III, EU Directives.
We help financial institutions comply with existing as well as upcoming regulatory requirements, acting for both issuers and investment banks.
We work alongside regulatory bodies in France and have close working-relationships with government and public institutions.


Our close assistance with banking establishments encompasses as well the taxation of complex operations.

  • Taxation of operations executed between the branch or subsidiary and the headquarters
  • Taxation of the activity led by the branch or subsidiary in France
  • Declaritive formalities and obligations

Our global assistance relies also on the taxation department, that is recognized on the French market and that includes several very experienced lawyers.

We are also able to anticipate the legal precedence or regulation movements.

M&A in the banking industry

We advise banks on complex strategic disposals or acquisitions. We have built close relationships with principal regulators in order to deliver the full spectrum of the firm’s knowledge and experience to assist clients in completing transactions successfully.

Banking products

Changes in the market and the needs of clients has led many banks to change and innovate the products they offer.

We provide counsel that concerns the full range of financial products including syndicated lending and leveraged and acquisition finance, asset finance, derivative products, project finance, financial regulation, insolvency & restructuring, debt capital markets, equity capital markets, structured debt, and structured finance.

Real estate

We also assist banks in the acquisition or the rental of real estate assets.
Our real-estate department will advise the banking establishment in all the steps of real-estate projects, and will also assist and intervene in the steps of the litigation process.

Litigation & Dispute Resolution

We assist financial institutions in a wide array of disputes and regulation issues.
Many of our lawyers have first-hand, in-house experience of the problems confronting both your in-house lawyers and your business units.
Our banking litigation lawyers have an expert understanding of the range of complex financial products and the markets in which our financial institution clients operate.