Our firm

Quality Commitment ISO 9001

NMW : certifié ISO 9001


This certification signifies our commitment to guaranteeing our clientele quality work and the functioning of our firm.

NMW has embarked on the steps needed to meet the quality demands of the 2015 version of ISO 9001 standards.

The structuring guidelines and internal procedures of the office were consequently audited.

The ISO approach:

  • requires frequent audits and rigorous monitoring, providing the evidence that the referential standards have been met.
  • allows us to respond efficiently to the strategic needs of our clients, in a logical mindset of value creation and innovation.

The principles of the ISO approach of NMW:

  1. CLIENT Oriented: anticipation of the client’s needs, adding value and creativity in our proposed solutions;
  2. LEADERSHIP input: strong collaboration between the department heads and the team;
  3. TEAM development: collaborative participation of the team in judicial and tax training courses; common organizational standards.