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Our approach

Our approach: a global and cross-disciplinary approach

We continually strive to exceed the expectations of our diverse clientele which includes both French and foreign groups, families, and financial institutions. Our principals:

  • An international forefront of expertise provided by French and foreign attorneys, having received high-level academic and professional training in France and abroad, and who are comfortable working in French and English;
  • A close coordination with investment bankers, auditors, accounting experts, notaries, expert land surveyors, architects, diagnosticians, property surveyors, banks and brokers;
  • A high reactivity of our teams, whereby the department director in charge of the case is directly involved throughout the process and personally responsible;
  • A synergy with the firm’s numerous areas of expertise;
  • A flexibility, inherent to the independent structure of the firm which in particular allows us to choose the best foreign specialists.