Areas of intervention

Corporate law

We have high-profile experience in issues regarding fusions, acquisitions, reorganizing and business real-estate.

  • Transfer/acquisition of companies: negotiation and writing of acquisition contracts/transfer and agreements of assets and liabilities and all of the contractual documentation (LOI, non-disclosure letter, reglement data-room, etc…)
  • Due diligence buyer / due diligence seller
  • Negotiation and writing of shareholder agreements
  • Company law in the framework of day-to-day management of files (general meetings, board of directors, management reports…)

We maintain close relationships with the French and European regulatory authorities, the Authority of Financial Markets, and bank authorities in order to optimize the treatment of files.


Integration management

We assist our clients in company acquisition operations by responding to the issues related to integration and by accompanying them throughout the pre-deal and post-deal phases.

The integration process brings into play various and complex issues that require answers in time limits that are often short.

We propose a pragmatic and multidisciplinary method, which translates as a structured approach that responds to a defined methodology in order to allow for a better transition. This approach is optimized by a team of various expertises.

Timing is one of the key elements in a successful integration, this is why we concentrate ourselves on anticipation and then on the follow-up and accompanying operations, by proposing organized legal and fiscal support.





We respond to the various issues of the integration process:

  • Creation of a framework for integration policies and practices including recommendations: it is the vital addition of information included in commercial and financial due diligences;
  • Operating the planning, structuring, coordination and management of the integration process. If needed, the appointing of a senior manager or transition leader;
  • Understanding the cultural and personal factors in the goal of limiting the negative effects of the operation on the employees : anticipating the problems that come with losing the regular representative, losing one’s bearings, demotivation, loyalty conflicts and suspicion towards the new management;
  • Quick and effective communication with all those concerned by the transaction.


General corporate law

We regularly support listed and non-listed companies in issues regarding corporate law (choice of corporate structure, drafting statutes, drafting shareholder’s agreements, corporate governance, regulated agreements, and restructurings).


Mergers & acquisitions

We advise our French and foreign clients during acquisitions, transfers or corporate regroupings.

We often help our clients with transnational operations by collaborating with a network of dedicated correspondents.