VLASOVA Photographie

VLASOVA Photographie is a fashion & art photographer based in Paris, who obtained popularity and critical acclaim with her artworks « China Glaze » for OOB Magazine, « Mesure sans Mesure » for VMM Magazine, « Shapes » for Nakid Magazine and « About last Night » for Vogue Italia.
She was born in 1990. Her fascination for beauty and models started at a young age. At that time Vivienne would not play with Barbie, but would instead draw women and their eyes all the time. She used to turn to magazines like Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar as sources of inspiration for her drawings, frequently composing collages from the most beautiful pieces.
Her way in fashion started from designing her own brand of women clothes, but ones participated in a fashion shooting as a stylist, she was so obsessed by the process that she fully concentrated on it. Due to her publications as a stylist she was soon hired as a fashion director by a luxury level fashion magazine, where she works almost 2,5 years.
After travelling worldwide to fashion weeks and attending the major shows, working for Vogue Paris and Lancôme, she decided to try herself in photography, already knowing the process. Very fast she felt that styling and art directing was a thing of the past and found photography as a lasting medium.
Vivienne is currently working for many fashion magazines like Vogue Italia, L’OFFICIEL, OOB and Citizen K.